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Oolong tea

Oolong (Chinese: ? ? ?, Wulong chá) is a traditional Chinese tea. Respect to the length of the oxidation time is between green and black tea.

The term "oolong" means "black dragon" or "black snake". Various legends describe the origin of this name. One legend says that the owner of a tea plants wegschreckt from his drying tea leaves by the sight of a black snake as he cautiously zurücktraute few days later, the leaves were oxidized in the sun and gave a wonderful drink.

For Oolong tea, the tea leaves must first begin to wither after picking in the sun. They are then stored in a room to rest, after which the oxidation takes place. The leaves are always lightly rubbed and shaken, so that the escaping juice reacts with oxygen in the air, but not as long as black tea. Oxidation was stopped by heating classical craftsmanship in iron pans.

Oolong tea contains more caffeine than green tea but less than black tea. Connoisseurs classify the tea by its aroma (fragrant, flowery), taste and aftertaste one. The best Oolong tea (Chinese: ?? ??, Eng.: Oriental Beauty) will come from Taiwan (generic term: Formosa tea). Xin Zhu, Miaoli and Pinglin are the traditional growing areas.

Dong Ding Oolong apply (Chinese ? ?, d?ng dong) (according to the Dong Ding mountain in Nantou County, Taiwan) and Te Kwan Yin (Chinese: ? ??, tie guan yin) from Fujian Province in China as a world-class Oolong Teas . Even the Phoenix Dan Cong (Chinese: ?? ? ?, Fenghuang Dancong) from Chao'an, Guangdong is one of the best Oolongärten.Seit few years are also produced in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malawi and Kenya, oolong teas, some other flavor characteristics.
Oolong tea can be brewed several times. The infusions are called by the Chinese Tea Ceremony, is used in the oolong tea most often:

Tea of good smell
Tea of Good Taste
Tea of the long friendship

In the list of "10 famous teas from China" would be to:

????? - Tie Guanyin (Guanyin Iron ") from among Anxi, Fujian
?? ?? - Yancha ("Felsentee") from Wuyi Mountain, Fujian.

A little-known specialty is in Europe mounted Oolong. Like Pu-erh teas win some, high-quality oolongs under ideal storage conditions with time taste and quality.

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