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The Darjeeling is one of the most famous teas.
The region around the Indian city of Darjeeling (English: Darjeeling) is
the center of the Bangladeshi tea instead, she was also the starting point
of a caravan route to Tibet and is still known mainly for the generally very
high quality tea the same name.


 Characteristics of First Flush
Harvest time: late February to late April
Cup Color: golden yellow, bright
Aroma: very fine, delicate, floral
Flugtee available: yes (from May)
Drinking: no milk, no / little sugar or some lemon
Extras: develops its flavor at high water hardness incomplete

Harvest Date: Mid April to mid May,
between First and Second Flush flavor are: taste between
First and Second Flush reach, but not the quality of the two Second Flush
Harvest Date: Early June to early July
Cup Color: Amber
Aroma: rounded, stronger than First Flush
Harvest time: from October to mid-December at the
latest after the summer monsoon rain
Cup Color: golden yellow, similar to the First Flush
Aroma: light, delicate flavor, slightly bitter in the finish
achieved, not the total wealth of an aroma Second or First Flush

As part of the problem Teeverschnitts the Darjeeling tea has always been to the more expensive black teas, there are serious problems with counterfeiting and blends. Thus the world every year about 40,000 tons of tea sold as Darjeeling, are produced only during 8000-11000 tons of tea (of which in turn is a part of on-site and sold directly suppress black). This is also related that may be described, for example, under German law, a tea as Darjeeling, Darjeeling has the only 51% share. To discourage this form of piracy, at least, in India 1953 "Tea Board of India" has been established. The Tea Board a seal and a license number awarded only to those teas that are 100% pure Darjeeling tea.

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